Launch 2021 Digital Strategy Workshop Series

5 Live Workshops, 5 Digital Experts, 30+ Topics Covered

DDA Strategy Development Workshop

Integrated Digital Strategy Development Workshop

  December 2nd, 2020     Online

In this 3-day workshop participants will learn how to develop and or adapt your digital strategy to be responsive to Covid demands and shifting consumer expectations.

DDA Content Marketing Workshop

Multi-Channel Content Marketing Workshop 

 December 4th, 2020     Online

In this practical 2-day workshop participants will learn how to plan, create and distribute high impact content for multiple digital platforms to include social media, email, website and mobile.

Skyrocket Social Media Sales Workshop

Skyrocket Sales on Social Media Workshop for Businesses

  December 7th, 2020     Online

In this 2-day workshop participants will learn advanced strategies, tactics and tools to drive lead generation and boost sales.

Engagement & Community Building Workshop

Engagement & Community Building Workshop

  December 9th, 2020     Online

In this workshop participants will learn hyper engagement strategies to build community & super charge online growth.

Advertising, Promotions & Analytics Workshop

Digital Advertising, Promotions & Analytics Workshop

 December 11th, 2020     Online

In this workshops participants will learn effective digital advertising strategies to reposition, position and grow your brand online.

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