Skyrocketing Sales on Social Media Workshops

Advanced strategies, tactics and tools to drive lead generation and boost sales


}  11:00am-3:00pm     30 Spaces      Online

Skyrocket Social Media Sales Workshop

Skyrocket Sales On Social Media Workshop

Advanced strategies, tactics and tools to drive lead generation and boost sales 


}  11:00am-3:00pm     30 Spaces    Online
Skyrocket Social Media Sales Workshop

Course Description

Research shows that tech has dramatically changed consumer behaviour. Now the first place a prospect will go when searching for a product or service is likely Google where they will either be directed to your website or social media profile.

In plain terms if your business is not online then effectively your business does not exist. But, simply having a profile on a social network or a website is not enough to convince any prospect to choose you over your competition.

What does matter is being on the right network, developing a content marketing strategy that will effectively communicate value,  consistent and frequent engagement with your audience and having a robust online customer service apparatus.

This is called social selling, an indirect sales strategy using social media to find and engage new prospects. Mastering social selling will help your sales and marketing teams generate qualified leads, build a formidable email list, push traffic to your website and boost sales.

In this 2-day workshop participants will learn new content marketing strategies and tactics to drive lead generation and boost sales  for your products and services on social media

Who this course is for

Sales and marketing teams, brands and business owners who wants to learn how to use social media to boost sales and expand their online presence. 

What You’ll Learn

  • ZHow to build a social media sales funnel
  • ZHow to soft sell on social media
  • ZHow to optimize SM Channels for rapid growth
  • ZHigh-level engagement tactics
  • ZDM lead generation
  • ZHow to create visually appealing & value packed content
  • ZAdvanced digital customer service

Day One Workshop Units

Optimizing Social Media Channels
  • Setting up your profile
  • Social media business features
  • Social media tools for business
  • Choosing the right social media channels
Digital Customer Service
  • Understanding the digital consumer
  • Developing a customer service strategy
  • Trends and best practicies
  • Using the right tools
  • Integrating digital and physical channels
  • Social proofing your business
  • Practicing social listening
  • Responding to negative feedback
Crafting an Effective Engagement Strategy
  • Basic principles of social media engagement
  • High level audience engagement
  • Connecting on with your audience
  • Crafting your brand message and tone
  • Creating your signature style
  • Brand consistency
Online Reputation Management
  • Creating and nurturing brand perceptions
  • Crafting a social media policy to guide engagement and interactions
  • Social proofing your business
  • Practicing social listening 
  • Responding to negative feedback

Day Two Workshop Units

Selling on Social Media
  • Why the soft sell appproach is best
  • How to use content to sell your product/services
  • Hyper engagement tactics that work
  • Selling in the DM’s
  • Developing commmunity based products
  • Directing traffic to your website
  • Creating optins to boost email sign-ups

Developing a Sales Funnels
  • Establishing a sales pipeline
  • How to condition your community to buy
  • Building an integrated sales funnel across digital channels
Intro to Promotions & Advertising
  • Organic vs paid promotions
  • Facebook & Instagram advertising
  • LinkedIn lead generation 
  • Twitter for business
  • Deciphering analytics
  • Measuring ROI

Workshop Requirements

  • ZNo prior knowledge necessary
  • ZA Mac or PC computer
  • ZStable internet connection
  • ZCome ready with all your questions
  • ZA quiet space, pen and paper


  • 50 Spaces Only
  • Live Webinar
  • Crash Course
  • Open To Anyone
  • Course Material
  • Participant Hot Seat
  • I48 Hour Video Replay


October 28th & 29th, 2020


Monique McIntosh DDA Educator

Monique McIntosh

Digital Strategist

Monique is a Digital Marketer at The Digital Marketing Chick , a Digital Training Specialist formerly of iCreate where she taught Digital Marketing to hundreds of students and Co-Founder of DDA.

Digital Disruption Agency Instructor, Telika McDonald

Telika McDonald

Digital Marketer

Telika is the founder and digital trainer behind Womens Marketing Code a boutique marketing  strategy agency for women CEO’s.

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