Caribbean Women Talking & Earning Tech

Our goal is to educate and inform Caribbean nationals about the possibilites of tech

Our Mission

The Digital Disruption Agency has one very lofty goal, to evolve the way you think.

We are digital mediums, seeing the future …  it’s virtual. 

We understand that traditional education and traditional ways of doing business is fast becoming redundant and in effective.

Future proofing necessarily means … repositioning

Our role in this technological future is to reposition you, your children and local industries to take or create advantages online.

Our philosophy … no one left behind

Whether low income or small budgets we build inclusive. We consider the need then create diverse workshops, services and resources to fill it.

kadia francis –  Co-Founder

the chief ideator

A Digital Strategist, Content Developer and internet trawler (nee digital thrift expert).

Kadia Francis is a multi-passionate creator with expertise and experience across several digital genres.

She is the founder of the Digital Jamaica Platform, an information and education resource dedicated to the education, promotion and overall growth of Jamaican tech and digital professionals.

At the DDA Kadia is the Chief Technical Director, Strategist and Course Developer.

Kadia Francis Co-Founder DDA

What We Believe

The future (of everything) is digital

There is nothing you can’t do online. Technology evolves so quickly that now the recipe for success is a smartphone, access to broadband internet, and a tuned in audience

Everyone should have access

Technology isn’t an exclusive resource anymore. In this digital age there are no creative limits, now all ideas are atleast attemptable, succeeding or failing on merit.

A digital education is foundational

Young, old, professional or unskilled – basic digital knowledge is an advantageous and competivive skill. Like Math & English, digital should be compulsory learning.

What our partners say about us

Kingston Creative Hub

I have to commend you on your commitment to excellence when it comes to your quality of work that may sound like over kill but really Kadia I’m impressed by what you did.

– Noelle Black, Kingston Creative Hub

Rise & Shine Jamaica Expo

“Kadia Francis is a brilliant individual who is cognizant of how to transform businesses into the digital era. She’s undoubtedly knowledgeable on all things related to modernizing businesses to reflect today’s culture….”

– Dr. Sidjae Price, Author

Boss Babes Summit

” Kadia is an exceptional presenter …  her vast knowledge of social media and branding intrigues her audience and encourages them to want o learn more…”

– Victoria Taylor, Summit Organizer

Let’s Work Together

Whatever your next digtial project we can help you get it off the ground successfully. 


The Digital Disruption Agency is an inclusive digital skills training & resources hub for Caribbean Nationals ready to learn and earn online.